Windscreen Repair

Here at 247 Windscreens Ltd we recommend you take the time to check your windscreen for chips or cracks, a small chip can easily turn into a large crack which will mean that the whole windscreen will need replacing. Chips often occur from frequent driving on the motorway and also from driving too close to the car in front.

After a few days a small chip can turn into a crack, especially from driving over potholes in our roads or even speed bumps. The cold weather is also prone to cracking windscreens with chips when heaters are used to clear windscreens on frosty mornings. Not only can a chipped or cracked windscreen mean that your car may fail an MOT (Ministry of Transport Test) it also makes it not roadworthy and maybe unsafe to drive.

If you find a chip or crack on your windscreen Call 247 Windscreens Ltd as soon as possible on 0800 5877 247. We are able to advise on the best option for you. Often instead of replacing the full windscreen we offer a mobile repair service which is significantly cheaper than replacing the full windscreen and can sometimes be covered under windscreen cover in your insurance policy.

We normally recommend that chips no larger than a 50p coin can be repaired, but this also depends on the place of chip on the windscreen. (Please see our diagram below.)

247 Windscreens Ltd are able to repair just the chip on the windscreen through a process of injecting resin into the damaged area. The result is a windscreen with no noticeable repair on the chip, though this will ultimately depend on how big the initial chip was.

Most windscreen chips can be repaired easily and cost-effectively, but it's important to repair your windscreen as soon as possible. Neglecting a chip can lead to a more difficult repair and may even result in your windscreen needing to be replaced.

Until you can have your chipped windscreen repaired, don't wash your vehicle and avoid extreme temperature changes, such as running your hot defroster on your cold windscreen.

window-screen-repairWindscreen repair process:

To repair your windscreen chip, we use a four step process.

  1. We clean the chip and remove any air pockets that may have formed inside it.
  2. Using a special drill, we open the chip slightly to allow the repair resin to flow into every part of the chip to create a strong repair.
  3. We inject repair resin into the chip.
  4. With an ultraviolet light, we cure the resin so that it hardens to form a seamless bond with the glass.

The windscreen chip repair process takes less than 30 minutes.

For an instant quote please call 0800 5877 247