Windscreen Replacement

If your windscreen is not able to be fixed and a replacement is needed, 247 Windscreens Ltd are the professional choice for the job.

Our mobile technicians are able to travel to your home or workplace to replace your windscreen. 247 Windscreens Ltd are able to offer replacement windscreens, side windows, heated rear windows and glass roofs with a full guarantee, unlike some other windscreen replacement companies.

Our 5 Star service is available for all vehicle makes and models; from Alfa Romeo to Vauxhalls. We have a large stock of windscreens and body glass, and in the rare case where we do not have your windscreen in stock, we can normally have it ready to fit the very next day.

When choosing who to use for replacement windscreens, always ensure that the glass you are going to use is NEW glass, as some unscrupulous companies will fit glass reclaimed from another vehicle which may put your safety at risk.

At 247 Windscreens Ltd we endeavour to use glass from the original manufacturer of your vehicle, but on occasion we may use glass from other accredited suppliers, but we will only ever use glass manufactured to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) standards.

Please be rest assured that our window replacement technicians are able to complete the job promptly and professionally. We also complete every job by clearing away all glass debris from the vehicle and we also dispose of all glass through environmentally friendly sources.

It goes without saying that we will always embrace the latest innovations in the field to ensure that we protect your vehicle at all times, such as using bonnet protectors and other devices to ensure that your car is always protected against any accidental damage.

Windscreen Replacement

WindowReplacementTopAlthough we will always first try to repair any windscreen damage, sometimes the damage is too severe and the windscreen has to be replaced. in this case we will carry out the windscreen replacement quickly and efficiently at a time and place that suits you. At 247 windscreens Ltd we only use glass manufactured to OEM standards, whether sourced from original equipment manufacturers or other suppliers to ensure that the glass we fit is as good as the original windscreen. All 247 Windscreens Ltd replacements are protected by our full guarantee.windscreen

If your windscreen has a crack that can't be repaired, 247 Windscreens Ltd is your best choice for a quality windscreen replacement. That keeps you safe! However, when repair is not possible, rest assured that our certified Windscreen Replacement Technicians will provide the best windscreen replacement available outside of the factory. Our Windscreen Replacement Technicians are experts in the science of windscreen replacement, our processes use industry standards, and we use only the best quality OEM glass and adhesives.

Replacing a Windscreen

247 Windscreens Ltd replacement process does not compromise your safety by cutting corners or using non-OEM windscreens or adhesives.

Vehicle glazier adding glue on to the windscreen or windshield of a car in an  auto service station garage before installation

  1. We remove the damaged windscreen and all but a thin strip of the old adhesive. This "full cut" method ensures the best bond possible and is essential to a quality windscreen replacement.
  2. We thoroughly clean and prime the windscreen.
  3. We professionally install your windscreen replacement using the best available OEM glass, and we use only OEM and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for strength and safety.

Once your windscreen replacement is installed we insist on a minimum cure time of 60 minutes.

This ensures a proper bond and seal between the replacement windscreen and vehicle frame. Some companies allow you to leave as soon as the replacement windscreen is in place. This clears your vehicle from their shop quicker and allows them to do more windscreen replacements, but it can be extremely dangerous. If an accident occurred before the adhesive sufficiently cured, the replacement windscreen could separate from the frame and you could be ejected from the vehicle or your airbags could malfunction. Even hitting a bump or pothole could affect the bond, which is a safety concern and could cause leaks and excessive wind noise. Our insistence on a 60 minute "safe drive-away" time ensures your vehicle is safe to be driven (even if it means we do a few less windscreen replacements per week).

Car Windscreen and Car Glass Quality Services

We will always attempt to make sure that we deliver top quality service to achieve total customer satisfaction at every stage of the car glass replacement, car windscreen replacement, car door window glass replacement and car rear window replacement service process: from booking an appointment through to fulfillment and end of service. We have invested in a business framework that helps us to provide the foundation for delivering service excellence. This service includes: any type of car windscreen replacement, car glass replacement and car windscreen chip repair.

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